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Triple Spider Solitaire

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Do you love our free Spider Solitaire, but struggle with it far too often? Here’s a Solitaire variant with better chances of winning: Triple Spider Solitaire requires good concentration and overview skills. If you also have perseverance, you will crack this game more often than not. Like each of our Solitaire variants, this three-card set version of Spider Solitaire is available for free.

The free Spider Solitaire Triple involves no less than three decks of 52 cards being sorted. Of course, experienced Solitaire players can immediately start with the four-suit version, i.e. with clubs, spades, hearts and diamonds. If you want to ease in, start off with just one or two card suits.

The Tableau

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The formation begins with the distribution of 42 face-down and 12 face-up cards, on 12 vertical rows. Six columns are filled with five cards each, the rest with four. The remaining 102 cards form the Talon. Above the playing cards are twelve spaces, which are gradually filled with the target piles.

As with many Solitaire games, free Spider Solitaire with three decks is about sorting the cards according to their suit – in this case, from the king down to the ace. Completed sequences are automatically transported to the target positions.

Most of the time, you can start building rows at the beginning of the game, by turning over face-down cards that become free, or even by clearing a whole vertical row. You can place any card in a free column.

Regardless of whether you’re playing the free version with two or three decks – in order to reach uniform sequences from king, queen, jack, ten and so on, all the way to the ace, you can first build auxiliary rows, without being forced to use a certain card suit, but in unbroken descending order. Any series that you wish to move in one or in part to a different location must be uniform, however.

If the playing field doesn’t allow for any reasonable moves, you can get twelve new cards by clicking on the Talon, one for each column. Even with the free Triple Spider Solitaire, no vertical row may be empty before cards are dealt.

You have won if only the twelve target stacks with the ace on top remain on the green felt. If the Talon runs out of cards and meaningful moves are no longer possible, try starting a new game or play another variant of Spider Solitaire – free of charge, of course!

Play Spider Solitaire for free with three decks

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You can choose to play Triple Spider Solitaire:

– with one, two or all four card suits,

– in EASY, NORMAL, or HARD modes,

– with or without a time limit.

At the beginning of the game, twelve rows are laid out in a cascade, with twelve target places and also twelve open cards. You can grab and move cards with the mouse. If you click on a card, it will look for a new place itself, if there is one available.

While you are playing Spider Solitaire for free, you can use the menu at any time:

– to RESTART the current game,

– to start a NEW GAME,

– to switch the difficulty level.

– to UNDO moves

– to restore it with REDO,

– to show a HINT,

– to PAUSE the game and the timer,

– to find out the current playing time or the remainder of the time limit and

– to see from the counter on the far right how many moves you have made.

Two Tips for Triple Spider Solitaire

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Apart from the 4 SUITS HARD variant, Triple Spider Solitaire is easier to solve than the classic version (also free). With the triple-deck variety, you have more options to sort the cards. Here are two tips:

Tip 1: With so many cards and rows, chaos can easily descend. Whenever possible, try to build up the auxiliary rows in one suit.

Tip 2: Have patience and time – With three decks, this Solitaire variant is not necessarily more difficult – it simply takes a lot longer. Fortunately, you don’t have to invest anything but time, because our game is free, just like our other card games.