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Double Freecell

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It’s time intensive, but fortunately it’s free: Double Freecell is a wonderful, almost meditative Solitaire game that keeps the grey matter fresh and can be won surprisingly often. Twice as much gaming fun, and it’s free: Two French decks of 52 cards are shuffled for this Freecell Solitaire.

Not a game for the impatient

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Big things are coming your way: 104 cards are lying face up in front of you, laid out in ten vertical rows, each with eleven or ten cards. Eight free cells are available to you with our free Double Freecell, for short-term storage of individual cards. The other eight free spaces on the left represent the home cells on which to build your target piles.

Your task is to sort all cards so that at the end you can only see the finished target piles in front of you, i.e. two kings each of hearts, diamonds, spades and clubs. So, take your time for this free Freecell marathon. Fill the home cells by rearranging the rows of cards and storing disruptive cards in the eight free cells. Cards may only be placed on them in a single suit and, starting with the ace, in ascending order.

Whether you are playing Double Freecell or the classic version, there is no difference in the way the rows are built:

1. Create continuous descending series on exposed cards. Every black card must be followed by a red, and vice versa.

2. Any card or series may be placed in completely cleared columns. For the latter, see the next point.

3. You can move both cards and sequences – but only if you have enough free spaces or empty free cells to rearrange the cards individually, should the need arise.

What if all of the remaining cards suddenly set course for the target piles and the tableau solves itself? Congratulations – everything is sorted correctly!

But what if the tableau appears to be completely blocked, the HINT button doesn’t provide anything useful, and there is no time for a restart? Then simply play Baker’s Game or the classic version for free instead!

Play Double Freecell for free

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With EASY, NORMAL and HARD, you have three levels at your disposal. Then give yourself a challenge: You can set a time limit of up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Once you have chosen the level, the tableau appears in front of you in all its glory: 104 cards are waiting to be neatly sorted by you. You can either grab each card with the mouse and manually drop it somewhere else, or you can click on it and see where it goes. You may have to correct this with another click.

The game menu

You are probably already familiar with the menu bar from the standard version, our free Freecell Solitaire. You have the following options:

– RESTART – if you have stalled,

– alternatively click on EASY, NORMAL or HARD to start a NEW GAME,

– cancel moves with UNDO or restore them with REDO, if necessary,

– Get a HINT for the next move,

– interrupt the game with PAUSE,

– see the elapsed game time or the status of your time limit on the timer,

– see how many moves you have already made.

Tips for a neat game of Double Freecell

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Since the rules of the game are the same as with the free Freecell Solitaire, there are hardly any differences in strategy. Here are two tips to keep in mind if you are a beginner:

Tip 1: Neutralize kings

Have you unlocked one or more columns? Whenever you have the opportunity – and aren’t dependent on another move – you should place a king there, preferably with a row of cards attached. Apart from the target piles, kings can only be placed in the free cells, temporarily blocking them.

Tip 2: Let the target pile grow slowly

Of course, any unlocked ace immediately belongs on a home cell. It is also best to put suitable twos there as soon as possible. With other cards, however, you should first check whether you still require them for maneuvering. Caution: This tip does NOT apply to Baker’s Game, which you can find here for free, with all other Freecell games.