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Would you like to play Spider Solitaire online more often, but each game usually lasts far too long? Spiderette, the “little spider”, has fewer cards and takes less time than its big sister, but it is just as much fun, and just as challenging! This fast-paced variant of the online Spider Solitaire includes a French deck of 52 cards. You can play Spiderette with a single suit (spades), two (spades and hearts), or all four suits.

The setup and goal of Spiderette

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The initial set up of Spiderette is less reminiscent of Spider Solitaire than online Solitaire: 28 cards are laid out in seven columns. The left outer row consists of one card, the next of two cards, and so on. Only the last card dealt in each column is exposed. The pile with the remaining 24 cards waits face-down above the rows, while to the right of it are four empty spaces for the target piles. The game ends successfully as soon as all 52 cards have arrived at their destination in four series of pure suits.

As with all variants of Spider Solitaire, you must first check whether uncovered cards can be arranged into sequences. Each face-down card that you unlock is revealed and becomes available. If you unlock a whole row, you can place any card on the resulting free space. This is necessary when no more moves are possible and you need cards from the Talon.

As in Spider Solitaire, the principle is to create rows of mixed suits in order to gradually rearrange them to rows of one color. With Online Spiderette, too, you create complete series in descending order, whereby the suits don’t play a role at first. You can place a five of clubs on hearts, spades, diamonds or a six of clubs. A sequence of two or more cards can also be moved, but they must all be of the same suit. A completed series of a card suit from king to ace also automatically moves to a target spot in this online version of Spider Solitaire.

You have won if there is nothing left of the Talon or the rows of cards, and you have the satisfaction of only having the target piles remaining, crowned by aces. What if the Talon has no more cards to put down? Or if nothing works within the row of cards? Then you can start a new round of online Spiderette or Spider Solitaire.

Play Spider Solitaire Online

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You can play Spiderette and Spider Solitaire online in different modes:

– With one, two or four card suits,

– in EASY, NORMAL or HARD mode

With or without a time limit.

You already know the online version of Spider Solitaire? Well, Spiderette works in exactly the same way, except that there are only seven columns and four target stacks. You can manually move a card or series, or alternatively, you can click on it and it will find a new place on its own. Click on the Talon for a new row to be dealt, provided that there are no gaps between the rows.

Spiderette Menu

Here you will find the same options as with the Online Spider Solitaire:

– RESTART the current game,

– Distribute a NEW GAME,

– Switch to a different number of suits.

– UNDO cancels moves.

– REDO restores them.

– HINT recommends a possible next move.

– The timer stops during a PAUSE.

– A timer shows the playing time or the remainder of your time limit.

– The counter to the far right records the number of moves taken.

Tips for Spiderette

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If you have already played Spider Solitaire online, you know that the game can often stall shortly before the end. At first glance, Spiderette looks much more harmless – but don’t be fooled: fewer cards mean fewer options.

Tip 1: Try several approaches – Are you good at memorising cards and their location? Then use the RESTART button if you get stuck but know that you can solve this game.

Tip 2: Put it aside – You can’t move anything, and even the first batch of cards from the Talon doesn’t help? Then try starting a completely new round. You can do this as often as you like, as Spiderette is a free game here, just like online Spider Solitaire or Freecell.