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Alongside Solitaire and Spider Solitaire, Freecell is one of the most famous card games in the world, mainly because the pre-installed FreeCell games on Windows operating systems made a significant contribution to the game’s popularity. It is the mix of cards that affects the difficulty of a FreeCell game: If low cards and aces are present far down in the vertical rows, for example, this could cause a headache or two. In order for everyone to enjoy their gameplay with us, you can choose any difficulty you like.

In Freecell, eight rows are formed at the beginning of the game. The first four rows consist of seven cards each, the remaining rows of six cards, to make a total of 52 cards. The most obvious difference to Solitaire and Spider Solitaire is that all cards are already face up. There are four storage areas above the vertical rows (known as stacks), and there are four more free spaces on which cards can be placed temporarily. These “free cells” is where Freecell got its name.

Rules of the Game – How do you win at Freecell?

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In order to successfully end Freecell, all cards must be placed on the four storage spaces in the correct order according to card suit (hearts ♥, spades ♠, diamonds ♦ and clubs ♣). To keep the correct order, begin a stack with an ace and place cards in ascending order until the stack is completed with the matching king: Ace-2-3-4-5-6-7-8-9-10- Jack-Queen-King. As soon as all the discard piles are completed, the game is won.

It is a similar gameplay to Solitaire, but in addition to the four discard piles, Freecells offers you free spaces to discard cards. There is also a deck of cards from which you can take cards as soon as moves in the vertical rows are no longer possible. Spider Solitaire also offers the option of taking additional cards from a deck of cards, if further moves between the card rows cannot be made. However, Spider Solitaire has a total of eight storage spaces.

Cards that you temporarily don’t need, for example because they block the flow of the game, can be placed on the free spaces above the rows. You can only place one card on each field. But be careful: the number of free spaces affects how many cards in a row you can move onto the field at the same time.

Allowed Moves

In Freecell, you can move at least one card from one row to another, or even entire rows of cards. Just note that the card on which you place other cards must be higher and have the opposite suit. For example, you can only place a red 4 ♥ on a black 5 ♠. As a result, when arranging cards, you have to do so in alternating descending order.

Ejemplo: King – ♣ Queen – Jack – ♠ 10 – 9, etc.

If you want to reveal rows of cards, i.e. several cards at the same time, you have to pay attention to the number of cards. The permitted number is based on the free fields as well as free rows in the playing field. In theory, FreeCell allows you to move as many cards as there are free spaces, plus one. If there are still free rows on the field, this value is doubled.

Example 1: Three free fields are unoccupied. As a result, you can move a total of four (3 + 1 = 4) cards at the same time.

Example 2: Two free fields are unoccupied and a vertical row on the playing field is unoccupied. So, you can put a total of six ((2 + 1) * 2 = 6) cards on another row at the same time.

However, if you intend to place several cards on a free vertical row in the playing field, the doubling rule no longer applies. Only the free fields are taken into account.

Example 3: Two free fields and one row on the playing field are unoccupied. If you want to put cards on the free row, only the following applies: 2 + 1 = 3. Thus, you can only put a row of three cards there.

If a vertical row becomes empty, you can place any card or a row of cards there, starting with any row of cards. The goal of FreeCell is to fill all four stacks with cards by suit and in ascending order. So, a stack begins with an ace and ends with a king.

Example: ♣ Ace – ♣ 2 – ♣ 3 – ♣ 4 – ♣ 5 – ♣ 6 – ♣ 7 – ♣ 8 – ♣ 9 – ♣ 10 – ♣ Jack – ♣ Queen – ♣ King

Features of Freecell

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To start a game, you must first choose a difficulty level: “Easy” is for those who are new to FreeCell or just want to play a quick round. “Normal” is for the regular players who also want to win from time to time. If you love a challenge, you can opt for “Hard”. Once you have decided on a difficulty level, the cards are dealt and you can begin to play FreeCell.

When choosing the difficulty level, you can also activate a time limit if you want to race against the clock. To do this, simply click on “Time limit on / off”. If you then click on a difficulty, a menu is displayed on which you can set your desired time limit.

Once Freecell has started, you can see the game menu on the top of the screen (on the left on mobile devices). This enables players to get a quick overview of available settings. If you select the difficulty “Easy” at the beginning, this is highlighted in white. Clicking on it starts a new game with an easy difficulty level. If you want to change the difficulty, simply click on “Normal” or “Hard”. The active difficulty is then highlighted in white.

If you click on “Restart”, the current game will be reset so that you can play the game again. To undo moves, click on “UNDO”. To restore undone moves, you can do this with “REDO”. If the game stalls and you can’t get any further on your own, you can use “Hint” to display the next possible move.

You can also pause the game and continue it later by clicking on “Pause”. In addition, you can see the elapsed game time and the number of moves made. If the time limit has been activated, the time display shows a countdown. To return to the start menu, simply click on the “Freecell” in the centre.

Frequently asked questions

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📌 Can I really play Freecell for free on your site?

Besides Freecell, you can also play Solitaire and Spider Solitaire completely free of charge. We do not want to have your email or other information from you for this. You can easily choose which game you want to play on our website and then you can start playing right away. Have fun playing!

📌 What other games can I play on your site besides Freecell?

You can play Solitaire, Spider Solitaire and Freecell completely free of charge. These three versions of Solitär each have games in certain variations. For example, you can play time-limited games or games with a Windows XP theme. Just have a look around and choose the right game for you!

📌 What do I have to do to win at Freecell?

To successfully complete Freecell, you must place all cards on four discard piles in order. Note that for each suit (spades, hearts, diamonds & clubs) there is one discard pile starting with an ace of each suit. You must place the cards in this order on the appropriate discard pile: Ace – Two – Three – Four – Five – Six – Seven – Eight – Nine – Ten – Jack – Queen – King. In order to be able to discard the cards, you must first arrange the cards of the seven card rows in such a way that you can easily move free cards.
When arranging the rows of cards you have to take care that the colors of the cards alternate and you can only put smaller values on the higher value. For example, a red four, or a row starting with a red four, can only be placed on a black five. You can also use the auxiliary fields if you have cards in your way that you don’t need temporarily.

📌 In which order do I have to stack the cards?

The object of the game is to form a pile of cards for the suits Heart, Spades, Diamonds and Clubs. They start with an ace, the remaining cards of the same suit are arranged in ascending order: Ace – Two – Three – Four – Five – Six – Seven – Eight – Nine – Ten – Jack – Queen – King.
You have to sort the rows of cards to get the cards you want to put on a pile. You can place the playing cards in descending and color/suit changing order. So if you have a black seven that is face up, you can place either a red six or a row that starts with a red six on it. If there are cards that are in your way, you can temporarily place them on the empty spaces provided.

📌 What can I do if I get stuck at Freecell?

If your Freecell round bogs down and you are stuck, use the empty spaces to place cards there that are in your way. Depending on your browser game, you may be able to reverse your moves. Maybe you can prevent a new blockade this way.