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Double Solitaire

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Perfect for relaxing: Double Solitaire is a variant of Classic Solitaire that you can play online for free, and in which you usually win. For Double Solitaire, two French decks of 52 cards are shuffled. The rules of the game are identical to our Classic Solitaire (also free).

Double Solitaire Gameplay

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The game begins by dealing nine vertical rows of face-down cards. The first column consists of a single card, the second of two, and so on. The last card in each row is turned over so that you have nine cards face up in front of you. The remaining cards form the Talon (also known as the Stock). There are eight spaces above the tableau for building the target piles. At the end of the game, all cards must be arranged in eight piles, with the king on top.

The gameplay of Solitaire Double is the same as that of our traditional free Solitaire: You immediately move every ace in the tableau to one of the empty target positions; there, you build cards of successive values into target piles of the same suit. So, on the ace of spades, you place the 2 of spades, and so on, up to the king of spades.

In the vertical rows, you should place black cards on top of red and vice versa, in descending order based on the starting card. A black queen, for example, is placed on any red king, or a seven of diamonds onto any black eight. You can turn over unlocked face-down cards. You can only place one king in an empty column. When no more moves are possible, click on the Talon. One or three cards are revealed and are now included in the gameplay. When all cards have been removed from the Talon, the remaining pile is turned over and played through again.

A tip: Only completely exposed cards can be played – with one exception: within a row of cards, you can move several cards that have already been sorted in one move. For example, you can move the row of four of spades, three of hearts, two of clubs on an exposed five of hearts to another column.

If everything goes well, you will end up with 104 cards in eight piles. There will be 2 piles for each of the four card suits.

What if nothing works anymore and the Talon doesn’t help? Then you should start a new free Solitaire game.

Play Double Solitaire for free

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Both game variants, turn 1 and turn 3, each with three difficulty levels, await you on the home page. You can also play Solitaire for free against the clock: switch on the TIME LIMIT, select the mode, enter a game duration of up to 59 minutes and 59 seconds, and get started.

The game begins with 45 cards in front of you, arranged face down in nine rows. Only the cards at the bottom of each column are face-up. To the left above the rows you can see the top card of the Talon face-down, to the right of it are eight free spaces, waiting for the target piles.

If you click on the Talon, one or three cards will be revealed, depending on the variant chosen. Use the mouse to drag the cards to the designated place. Alternatively, this can be done automatically with a single click on the respective card.

The Double Solitaire Menu Bar

With our game, you can change the variant and level at any time for free, or you can RESTART the game.

UNDO undoes moves, REDO restores them.

HINT shows you a possible move – although not always the most advantageous.

PAUSE pauses the game and the screen goes dark.

The TIME DISPLAY tells you the elapsed time; in time limit mode, it counts down.

The counters on the right show the number of moves taken, as well as the remaining cards in the Talon and the number of passes through the Talon.

Tips for free Double Solitaire

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This Solitaire variant can be won significantly more often than the classic version, which we also offer free of charge. However, if you find yourself continually making the same mistakes and can’t seem to make progress, here are a few tips:

Tip 1: Build up target stacks evenly

If one discard pile grows faster than others, there is a risk that you will run out of cards to rearrange later.

Tip 2: Tableau before Talon

The more face-down cards you turn over, the more free columns you have available for clearing blocking kings aside.

Tip 3: Use all cards in the Talon

This tip only applies to the 3-card variant of our free Double Solitaire. Occasionally, all three cards revealed from the Talon in one turn can be used. However, it can make sense to only use the top two so that you can get to previously inaccessible cards the next time you go through the pile.