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Spider Solitaire

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Spider Solitaire got its name from its eight storage fields, based on a spider’s eight legs. In various Windows versions, the preinstalled Spider Solitaire games have significantly contributed to the game’s popularity. The card distribution determines whether the game is easy or almost impossible. An added difficulty is the number of card suits; a game with one suit is still easy to master, whereas a game with four suits can be extremely challenging.

Spider Solitaire consists of 104 cards. Ten rows are formed and, as in the classic Solitaire game, only the top card in each row is turned over. The first four rows each consist of six cards, the remaining six rows each have five cards. If there are no more possible moves in the vertical rows, you can use the stock pile at the top left. When you click on the stock pile in classic Spider Solitaire, new cards are distributed along the vertical rows. Above the card rows, there are empty storage spaces – called “stacks” – on which the cards are placed in the correct order.

Rules of the Game – How can you win classic Spider Solitaire?

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When all eight discard piles are filled with all cards of the respective suits (hearts ♥, spades ♠, diamonds ♦ and clubs ♣) and in the correct order, you’ve won Spider Solitaire. Each pile begins with its respective king, followed by the remaining cards in descending order. However, in contrast to Classic Solitaire, completed card rows aren’t formed on the discard pile, but on the playing field in vertical rows. If a row of cards has been formed in the correct order (King-Queen-Jack-10-9-8-7-6-5-4-3-2-Ace), it can be placed on a stack.

With regular Solitaire, completed card stacks have to be formed on the discard piles. The cards are arranged in ascending order so that the pile begins with an ace and ends with a king. This is similar to Freecell; here, there are only four discard piles, but there are also four more spaces on which you can temporarily place cards.

Allowed Moves in Spider Solitaire

In order to form finished rows of cards of one suit, which can then be put on a discard pile, the cards have to be put into the correct order. For example, if you take a 4 ♠ and place it on a 5 ♠, another card is exposed, which you can then place on a higher card. The uniform suit in classic Spider Solitaire only plays a role in the arrangement of completed card stacks; a deck of cards is not considered correctly ordered if the descending card order is correct but the suit uniformity has not been observed. This means that finished stacks of cards consist of only one suit. Individual cards or rows of cards can be placed on higher cards of different suits.

For example: 5 ♠ is free. You can place either 4 ♥, 4 ♦, 4 ♣ or 4 ♠ on it, if there are no other cards blocking them. Or you can place a row on 5 ♠: 5 ♠ – 4 ♥ – 3 ♣ – 2 ♦

If you move a row of cards onto a free card, the column beneath it becomes free. This means that this row consists only of face-down cards. Each vertical row must have at least one card face-up, so in this case, the top card is simply turned face up. If a column is completely empty, you can start the column with any card or card row. If you can’t find any way to arrange cards correctly in the vertical rows, you may get more cards. To do this, click on the stock pile at the top left.

Spider Solitaire Features

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Before starting a game of classic Spider Solitaire, you must select your difficulty level. For the game modes “1 suit”, “2 suits” and “4 suits”, there are three difficulties to choose from. Once a difficulty is selected, the Spider Solitaire playing field is loaded with the appropriate settings and you can start the game.

If you want to play classic Spider Solitaire with a time limit, you can activate it by clicking on “Time limit on / off”. First, select a difficulty level, and this then leads you to a screen where you can set your desired time limit.

The Spider Solitaire menu is simple so that players can gain a quick and easy overview of the game functions and displays. For example, “1 suit · Normal” is highlighted in white if the difficulty “Normal” has been selected in the “1 suit” game mode. Whichever game mode and difficulty are currently active are highlighted in white, with all other options muted. When you click on this, a new game starts, or if you click on “2 suits” or “4 suits”, a new game starts in that respective mode with the difficulty “easy”. Now “1 suit” is muted, with the selected game mode highlighted in white.

You can change the difficulty of a new game and its modes by using “New Game”. If you want to play the current Spider Solitaire game again, you can have the cards dealt to you in the same order, by simply clicking on “Restart”. Clicking on “Spider” takes you back to the start menu, where you can also set a time limit.

If you accidentally had cards dealt to you in Spider Solitaire or if you want to put a card back, you can undo this. To do this, simply click “UNDO”. If you want to restore moves, click “REDO”. By clicking on “HINT”, a next possible move is shown. To take a break from classic Spider Solitaire, click on “Pause”. The game can then be continued later unless the browser is closed. The time played, along with the number of moves made are also displayed.

Frequently asked questions

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📌 Can I really play Spider Solitaire here for free?

You can play Spider Solitaire completely free of charge. If you would like to play the classic solitaire or spider solitaire, you can do so 100% free of charge and without obligation on our website. Just have a look around, you will surely find a game that you like!

📌 Which Solitaire variations can I play on your site?

You can play Spider Solitaire, Solitaire and Freecell for free and without any obligations. You will also find different games for each of the three variants, each with its own special features. In addition to the standard versions, there are, for example, time-limited games or games that look particularly fancy. There will certainly be a game for you, just have a look around our site!

📌 What do I have to do to win at Spider Solitaire?

Spider Solitaire is won when you have placed all the cards from the ten card rows in the correct order. The difficulty of the game varies depending on the number of suits. The playing cards must be arranged in descending order. The card suits must remain the same. This means that a row is complete if it starts with a king and ends with an ace. More precisely, the order of the cards is as follows: King – Queen – Jack – Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six – Five – Four – Three – Two – Ace. You can place a red seven on a black eight, for example, but this only helps you to arrange the cards. To form complete rows, the suit of a row must be uniform.

📌 In which order do I have to arrange the cards?

To complete the game successfully, you must arrange the cards in descending order: King – Queen – Jack – Ten – Nine – Eight – Seven – Six – Five – Four – Three – Two – Ace. If you play a game with more than one suit, note that the suits per row must be the same. Also, you can only place a smaller card on top of a higher card. This can look like this: Black queen – black jack – black ten – black nine, and so on. This rule also applies to incomplete sorted rows. For example, if you realize that there is a compact sequence starting with a red four (Red Four – Red Three – Red Two), you can place it on a black five in one turn. To sort, you can also place cards of one suit on top of other suits.

📌 What can I do if I get stuck at Spider Solitaire?

Depending on the browser game you are playing, you have different options. If you are stuck with the current setup, you can place new cards from the talon on the ten rows of cards. Undo previous moves, you might find better solutions. Some games even have the option to show a next possible move. If all possibilities are hopeless, you have to start the game all over again or start a completely new game.